Even though 98.6 percent of Dallas County taxpayers have successfully paid their annual property taxes for the year 2018, John R. Ames, Dallas County Tax Collector is not up for closing the yearly tax books for 2018.

According to this news report, Ames said, “Although most people have paid for 2018, the small percentage who still haven’t owe Dallas County taxing entities over $97 million.” He emphasized that it is necessary for everyone to pay their share, “Essential services such as law enforcement, quality schools, roadways, and courts all depend on these much–needed revenues. All we ask is that everyone pays their equal share.”

With the help of Linebarger Goggan Blair & Sampson, a law firm, the County is gearing up with new attempts to collect taxes. “I’d ask everyone, please review the letter and give the law firm a call,” Ames said. “The firm cannot give you legal advice, but it will guide you in the right direction so you can resolve your outstanding obligation.”

It was reported that Linebarger has sent 30,902 letters containing the necessary information to the Dallas County property owners, appealing them to act immediately.

Ames continued, “While it’s unfortunate that we have to provide these notices and, if needed, take additional steps to collect we want to be sure we advise our taxpayers of what can realistically happen if they fail to pay or resolve their delinquency.”

Taxes can be paid directly at dallascounty.org/tax. If you are interested to know if a property tax loan fits your needs, call Ovation Lending at 877-419-7392 or visit our site!