There are always various reasons that impact a property owner’s ability to meet the Property Tax Deadline. However, it’s critical that you have a solution identified prior to delinquency. A property tax loan is a reasonable solution that may meet your specific situation. Below are some of the most asked questions out using a property tax loan to pay you property taxes

How quickly can I get approval?

Our approval process is simple and straightforward. Your loan can be approved the same day of your initial application. 

What does a loan from Ovation Lending look like?

The main objective of the tax lien is to help by merely authorizing the transfer of an already existing amount from your tax assessor.  Liens are released once the tax is paid. At Ovation Lending, we agree to pay your taxes that trigger a transfer of the tax lien from the tax office to Ovation Lending. 

What about interest rates?

You and Ovation Lending will align on an interest rate based on your situation at the time of application. However, your interest rate will be fixed during the life of your loan, even if national interest rates increase. Also, if you happen to find different licensed property tax companies with a lower interest rate, we will work our best to meet or even surpass those competitors’ interest rates. We understand we can increase your property tax status, not perform it worse.

After I close, how do I track my loan?

Ovation Lending clients can view their account details and make payments at any time.

How long will my plan be?

We are happy to provide a lot of flexibility with the length of every customer’s plan. You can select a term up to 10 years. There are no prepayment fines on our loans. We encourage our borrowers to prepay. 

Ovation Lending is here to help.

Avoid increasing costs with your tax office and the risk of a potential foreclosure. Give us a call or fill out this form, and we’ll be delighted to give you the support you need.

Ovation Lending has assisted thousands of Texas property owners just like you pay their penalties, taxes, interest, and lawsuit fees. During these years, we’ve evolved to match the ever-changing demands of property owners.

Our team was around when business tax loans were beginning to be used by Texans back in 2004 and started when the Great Recession came about in 2008. Since then, we’ve developed our products and assistance to satisfy the needs of each property owner.

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