In Texas, many homeowners are unable to pay their property taxes on time. Consequently, they are forced to pay mounting penalties and interest. After July, the county will start sending collection letters and can turn over these delinquent accounts to county collection attorneys who will start the foreclosure process. Get relief with help from Ovation Lending. Ovation helps Texans pay their property taxes quick and painless. 

Ovation Lending is one of the leading property tax lenders in Texas. We have built relationships with Texas County Tax Assessor Collectors and work directly with taxing entities to pay property taxes, penalties, interest, and collection fees in full all while working with you to set you up on a repayment plan that best fits your financial situation. 

The procedure is simple: Contact Ovation Lending at 877-419-7392 or apply here. Provide some background information about yourself and your property. Our Licensed Loan Officers will provide payment options that best fit your needs. Once you have agreed on a repayment plan, we will prepare the documents that will need to be signed with a notary in person. We will then pay the taxes, penalties, fees, & collection costs directly to the taxing entities. Closing on a loan can happen in as little as 3 days from the initial phone call.

Ovation Lending is committed to helping hardworking Texans keep their homes and commercial properties. It is the foundation on which we have built our company on and helps us lead the way on helping property owners around Texas. To find out more information about our program contact us at 877-419-7392 or apply here.