Property taxes are how local governments fund schools, emergency services, and many other programs and services that benefit our communities. They can sometimes be a heavy burden on those of us navigating some choppy financial waters and can have disastrous impacts on the goals we want to achieve if not managed appropriately. Property tax obligations impact everyone. Ovation Lending has help all kinds of people pay property taxes. From a new college grad inheriting a property to well-established doctors to multi-million dollar businesses; Ovation stood by them and helped them find a solution.

Just recently, it became well-known that Texas candidate for governor, Lupe Valdez, was just like thousands of other property owners having difficulties paying property taxes. Valdez originally owed more than $12,000 in property taxes across six properties in two Texas counties.

Fortunately for the gubernatorial candidate, she was able to pay her taxes before the July 1st date that could have led to her account being turned over to the county collection agencies who then tack on another 20% in collection fees. No matter what your background is…. the Texas football team you support. or even your political views, property taxes impact us all and its important that we make sure they are paid. Call Ovation Lending at 877-419-7392 or visit to find out if a property tax loan is an option for you.

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