In Texas, commercial property owners face property taxes every year. You probably never thought you would have to pay property taxes with a pandemic going on. Unfortunately, the local taxing entities are not giving any breaks.  COVID-19 has radically transformed life for many Texans.

The state of Texas has not yet proposed any substantial relief to property owners that have experienced economic loss as a result of the pandemic. Many property owners have called for the state’s representatives to take action, but property taxes are still due until further policies are put in place.

Some of the recommendations put forward by lawmakers and citizens in Texas include:

  • Halting tax rates until the pandemic is over
  • Returning to 2019 property tax rates
  • Holding all property appraisals

COVID-19 has put commercial property owners under unique financial strain during the lock down. Due to the state-mandated lock down, businesses have lost income that would usually be used to pay property taxes.

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COVID-19 has transformed life for all of us. If you’re a commercial property owner trying to figure out a way to pay your taxes, we understand that this can be a frustrating time. We’ve helped many business owners in Texas, just like you pay their property taxes, and we can work with your circumstances and your budget. We don’t know when life will resume as usual, but in the meantime, you don’t want to fall behind on paying your property taxes.

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