Every property owner in Texas must pay property taxes every year. It is a burden that no one wants to deal with. What most people do not know is that property taxes help fund the infrastructure for cities such as fire departments, schools, & roads. When property taxes cannot be paid by the deadline, the county will start charging penalties and interest monthly. The penalties, interest, & fees can add up to almost 47% if the taxes are not paid in full by December. 

If you are not able to pay your taxes by the deadline and want to avoid all the hefty penalties, interest, & fees, a property tax loan is a good option. Here are some tips for picking a property tax lender. 

Is it necessary to work with the best property tax lender in Texas?

Yes, as a property owner you want to work with a property tax lender that you can trust will take care of your biggest investment. Often lenders will not act in the property owners’ best interest putting them in a much worse financial situation than they were in. It is best to use a property tax lender that has your best interest in mind, such as Ovation Lending.

Evaluate based on online ratings: 

Most property tax lenders will have online ratings. If not, that is the first sign that is the wrong lender for you. Always check the Better Business Bureau (BBB) ratings. BBB is the most trusted when it comes to providing information about a company. When it comes to the BBB, Ovation Lending has an A+ rating. 

Google is also a great place to check out reviews and complaints. It lists a great deal of information about companies. Also, it typically has more reviews than the BBB because it is easier to access. 

Why Ovation Lending?

As a top property tax lender, we take pride in assisting people beyond their expectations. Ovation Lending is a one-stop solution, and it is about offering more than financial solutions. 

With some of the most experienced people in the property tax lending industry, the team has helped every type of property owner in every kind of situation. Whether you are navigating short-term financial challenges, just inherited a property with back taxes, or a small business exploring cash-flow options, you can feel confident working with a partner focused on helping you pay your property taxes. Contact us today at 877-419-7392 to see how we can help you!