The COVID-19 pandemic has changed every aspect of everyone’s life, causing issues more than just an illness. The illness has affected the financial market resulting in reduced revenue streams in Texas cities. Most of the cities in Texas have a shelter in place order preventing most people from going to work and causing many businesses to lay off employees. But the property tax penalties and fees are still being added monthly and remains the same; there is no change as the country doesn’t have the authority to waive penalties or change due dates. 

The most significant source of money from Texas cities are property taxes. Property tax collection is necessary to fund things like public transportation, education, parks, libraries, and emergency services. It is still very important to pay property taxes so that we can continue to stay safe. During this time a property tax loan might be the best solution for you. A property tax loan from Ovation Lending can help you save the cash flow needed during this time. 

Your safety and health are our number one concern at Ovation Lending. We now have processes in place so that we keep our distance but can still approve and close your loan within 3 days. The initial application process and approval can be done in less than 10 minutes on the initial phone call. We will work with you to find a repayment plan that best fits your financial needs. Within days after closing on your property tax loan we will send payment directly to the county. 

Don’t think that you can lose your property due to not paying your property taxes? At Ovation Lending, we assure that you are not alone. As an authorized Property Tax Lender, we know the ins and outs of property tax loans and how the county works. We have built strong relationships with the counties that we work with.  We are dedicated to providing outstanding professional assistance for your property taxes and to help get you back on the road to financial recovery.

Resolve your property tax issues with Ovation Lending during these uncertain times. We are committed to helping guide you in the right direction before, during, and after you close on your property tax loan. Ovation Lending can help you in paying your property taxes whether it’s residential, commercial, or small business. Contact us so that we can help save you from all the property tax hassles. Reach us at 877-419-7392 and our dedicated loan professionals will ease the stress on you.