Achieve Financial Stability with Texas Property Tax Loans

The biggest challenge faced by property owners in Texas is meeting the deadline for property taxes. Texas residential, commercial, and small business property owners must make payment arrangements or pay their property taxes in full by the January 31st deadline to prevent county penalties, interest, and fees. Owners can also take advantage of property tax loans to avoid the huge penalties and fees charged by the county. Ovation Lending provides payment options for up to 10 years while also offering delayed initial payments up to six months to make sure you are able to get back on the road to financial recovery.

Advantages of Texas Property Tax Loans

Free up Cash Flow

Small businesses across Texas face multiple challenges while keeping abundant cash reserves for daily operations. Businesses can choose a property tax loan and can offer payment options that will allow for cash flow to be freed up for daily operations and growth of the business. 

Avert Delinquency

Missing the deadlines for property taxes can add huge penalties and interest monthly. Delinquency costs are a huge burden either for residential, commercial, or small business owners. Approaching a property tax lender before July 1 can prevent an 18% – 20% collection fee charged by the county.

Prevent Foreclosure Process

Let us assume your property taxes have become delinquent, and you are unable to pay the taxes, penalties, & interest. On July 1st the taxing authority can initiate the foreclosure process. This process adds more fees and the court can pass judgment asking the local government to sell the property through auction. Instead, you contact a property tax lender to help with the taxes, penalties, fees, & court costs within the timeline and avoid the foreclosure process.

Why is Ovation Lending Best in the Industry?

Ovation Lending is a leading lender of property tax loans. Our experienced licensed loan officers work with Texas residential, commercial, and small business property owners to find a tailored solution that best fits their needs. Regardless of good or bad credit score, you can accomplish the hassle-free application process to get a property tax loan in as short as 3 days. Ovation Lending has become BBB accredited due to it’s best customer service. Some other benefits of Ovation Lending include:

Free No-Obligation Loan Quote – Acquire estimates at zero additional cost. We will also explain the monthly payment options that best fit your financial situation. 

Alluring Repayment Terms – In most instances, repaying the loan within a short span is very challenging. So, Ovation Lending understands the borrower’s concerns and allows them to choose custom loan solutions with a timeline of 2-10 years.

No Out of Pocket Expenses – Ovation Lending, in most cases, will not ask customers for any upfront costs. Borrowers may also choose to close their loans in three days.