SAN ANTONIO – In order to operate a business in Bexar County, you have to pay taxes to the Bexar County Tax Assessor-Collector’s Office.

But not everyone does — or at least not on time.

“The average taxpayer with a limited income is expected to pay their property taxes, and therefore, we must require the same from big businesses and corporations,” said county tax assessor-collector Albert Uresti.

And with $5.3 million in delinquent taxes collected from the 2017 Top 25 delinquent tax account lists, the amount of revenue currently being shortchanged from the county is substantial.

Uresti said $350,000 in delinquent taxes alone were collected from a company called Copart, which now owns the property once held by Eclipse Renewables. The state of Texas in 2016 told Eclipse Renewables it had to clean up more than 2 million tires illegally dumped on the property.

Taxpayers not on an approved payment plan have until Jan. 31 to pay their taxes without incurring penalties and interest.